My wife and I both attended Marshall University in the late 80s and 90s.   Marlo owns and operates Elite Performance Academy and I am a Vice President at Cabell Huntington Hospital.  We are raising four kids who attend Huntington High School and Huntington Middle School.  

We both chose to come back to Huntington after leaving initially after college.  We are passionate people who care deeply for our community.  Since the late 80s we have watched our city go through many changes both good and bad.

The City has had it's challenges and made some mistakes. I-64 was diverted around the City, the Huntington Mall was located outside the city limits, Walmart doing the same, and now the rise of the ease and use of online commerce.  These events have and continue to have a negative impact on our city's tax structure and economic development.  

We want a community that our children will want to stay in after they complete their education. A community that has a variety of opportunities waiting for them. We believe that a strong community is built around strong economic growth.  The more opportunities we can create the more engaging our community will be.  VisionHuntington seeks to enhance the Huntington community by re-focusing our citizens purchasing back to the city.  

VisionHuntington's purpose is to organize the merchant community and provide the necessary tools to expand their market reach and distribution.  

​ Gene & Marlo